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Toolkit for Black Communities

COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative

This toolkit has messaging tips, FAQs and other resources to help your organization instill confidence in COVID-19 vaccines. Let's help communities get back to the activities and people they love.

Asking Questions Is Okay

Let's help our communities learn the facts of the COVID-19 vaccines, so we can all return to the things we miss most about life.


We know that many Black families and individuals have concerns and questions. And that's okay. That's why we have answers to the communities' most asked COVID-19 vaccine questions. We also have messaging tips and other useful tools.

Faith organizations can find tailored materials for their congregants and networks in our Faith toolkit.

View our Faith Toolkit
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Core Insights

Learn more about some Black Americans' low confidence in COVID-19 vaccines, which is grounded in concerns about safety and side effects and linked to historical unethical practices in medical research and healthcare.

Instill vaccine confidence by ensuring your educational materials like emails, social posts, and e-newsletter articles use research-based messaging that resonates with Black communities.

Join us for events specifically developed for Black communities on vaccine education with leading experts. Share the information with your members and partners via email and social.