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Black Community Education Toolkit

Create the Right Message

What we say—and how we say it—matters.

The Ad Council and COVID Collaborative are excited to offer audience insights and messaging guidance for Black Americans to help you build vaccine confidence in your community.

How To Use Our Messaging Strategy Resources

If you are creating your own campaign messaging, you can use our message guidelines, message briefs, and list of answers to common questions from the Black community.

If you are looking to understand the Black audience mindset, we also have topline and indepth audience insights available.

If you're looking to develop a campaign specific to the Black Faith community, check out our Black Faith toolkit.

While Black communities share the same safety concerns as other Americans, their concerns are also linked to historical unethical practices in medical research and healthcare.

These documents provide do's and don'ts, topics that resonate, and information on trusted messengers for the Black community.

Explain that some people who receive the COVID-19 vaccines may experience discomfort and mild side effects. This is normal and means the vaccines are working to create an immune response.

Say the COVID-19 vaccines don’t have any side effects.

Recommended vaccines are effective and are being closely monitored for safety.

Say the vaccines were developed quickly.

Reassure that asking questions is empowering and demonstrates self-care when seeking information about COVID-19 vaccines.

Imply that asking questions is a negative thing to do. Many people have valid concerns about COVID-19 vaccines and simply want answers.

Use visual images with diverse representation when creating education and communication materials so readers will see “people like me.”

Rely solely on photos and illustrations that don’t represent the rich diversity of Black communities.

Not sure how to best answer your community members questions? Prepare yourself with talking points from our Frequently Asked Question resources, vetted by the CDC.

Our research found that the key concerns are safety, side effects, lack of information, and the speed of the clinical trials. We also know that Black Americans have questions about pre-existing conditions and clinical trial diversity.

More answers to the most pressing COVID-19 vaccine questions can be found at

If you want to download our videos directly from leading public health experts and healthcare providers, visit


Download our Black Audience Fact Sheet which includes demographic skews, trusted messengers, and key messaging takeaways.