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Black Community Education Toolkit

Shareable Resources

Sometimes there's no need to reinvent the wheel.

All of our shareable resources such as social graphics, PSA videos, influencer videos, and flyers, can be used free of charge. Customizable assets are labeled with a pencil icon.

Some materials are available for direct download while others need to be downloaded from to help track usage.

Outreach Templates

Download email templates, flyers, and event tips to increase your outreach efforts. Feel free to use our suggested social copy and link to when sharing with your community.

How To Guide for Co-brandable Collateral

Email Template: Black Communities

Co-Brandable Collateral: FAQs Black Communities

Email Template and Copy: Black Communities

Social: Sample Copy and Customization—Black Community

Collateral: FAQs Black Communities

Email Banner: Black Communities

Handout Card: Black Communities